Monday, September 27, 2010

I want to spread the word!

I never thought blogging would become addictive! So With almost 50 followers (thank you guys so much) I feel like its time to start branching out. But I'm kind of confused as to how to do so. I want some more traffic and more people to follow as well. Its nice every time I post I get a comment back. Where as every other site ive tried that never happens. Even with youtube. Its a HUGE community  but I never get any responses. So if anyone has any suggestions to make some more followers id be pleased to hear what you have to say.
Thanks for all the support you gave me with the kitty post to. Lol Reach is asleep atm on my bed. He had a long day of chasing flies around. So Id say hes out for the night.

I've been thinking about maybe making some more lists or something. I seem to enjoy doing those and everyone seems to like them. I guess this is more of an update post than anything. comments are welcome. I'll post again soon guys!!

enjoy this free Wallpaper for reading :)

1 comment:

  1. Im gonna be checking back on this then too. Branching out, getting more traffic and whatnot all sounds good, Im just not sure how to go about it. lol