Monday, September 27, 2010

Uh oh up to late!

Looks like ive been up far to late this night. Damn right when I had gotten my pattern back in order to. And of all nights to say "HEY I FEEL LIKE BEING BOSS AND STAYING UP ALL NIGHT" Its the night I have a eye doctor appointment. I hate when they put those drops in your eyes and you see like the sun and you are having a staring contest. But I do need new glasses so I can reclaim my nerdy kingdom.

So I leave you with this I am curious to know.

How many of you wear glasses?
How many of you do not?
And of course!! How many of you wear glasses but just wont put them on.

Leave me comments and let me know Night guys!


  1. I have better than perfect vision, thanks to luck (genetics), and taking pretty good care of myself.

  2. i watch screens far to much..i will need glasses within a year :)

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  4. My doctor insists that I am supposed to have glasses, but I think he is insane. So I dont use em.

  5. I wear glasses all the time; I have since middle school and just got used to them. Only time I take them off is to shower or sleep.