Monday, September 27, 2010

Skipped the doctor

I was supposed to go get my eyes checked today. But I slept to long and kind of missed it. So I decided to take myself on a journey through my half assed town. (Small place only a population of about 35k when college isn't in session.)  But I decided to stumble myself across the rain soaked land and trudge into a tobacco outlet which I've surprisingly never been inside before. While looking around at the hookahs used for smoking weed and the roll your own cigarette machines I noticed a pipe. Nothing special at all. But its one I had been wanting for sometime but didn't want to bother with buying a used one off of ebay and getting hepatitis even after rubbing it down with alcohol.

It was a simple corn cob pipe. For about $10. I really do believe I just might go back and buy that. Since I already use Pipe Tobacco to roll my own cigarettes because pipe tobacco is so much more cheap. 

I also seen a neat little crown ash tray. Sitting on a corner rack. Pretty neat little store just because of those two objects.

Now I need to call the Eye Doc and ask to reschedule my appointment. Before I start staring at people cross eyed. Its a rainy day so I do doubt anything of much interest will spring forth. But I'm going to find something and blog again. 

Thanks for reading guys! I'll post something more enthusiastic next time around. Just wanted to explain whats going on right now.


  1. Cool blog!
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  2. hopefully everything is good with ur eyes

  3. Wow, nifty little story you got there.

  4. Don't think you can get hepatitus off of a used bowl, after sanitizing it, bro.

  5. Yeah dude, for a while there I rolled my own cigs, but then I just ended up getting lazy and bought them again haha.

  6. rolling your own cigs can get tiresome after a while, sick post

  7. I stopped rolling cause I got too lazy too, now I just buy them