Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top two movies I enjoy.

Let me start this off by saying these are NOT my favorite movies of all time in no way. But just some movies I feel like discussing.

Where the Wild Things Are

This movie just makes me happy. And I think there is a story in this that most people miss out on. I find this a story of growing up. Change. Being Free. And that each of us have a monster deep down inside of us. Now normally this is not the type of movie that I would of ever seen myself make a list on. But in some sort of odd way I feel I can connect to this movie for whatever reason. The monsters all want someone to take the sadness out. To have this little boy make all of them become a family again. Just as normal day families seem to of forgotten what being a family really is. Its a journey to a place we all have wished we could be one day. And for that. This movie makes it on the list. <--View the trailer to  "Where the Wild Things Are" here
2.  The Experiment

Now people may disagree with me on this film and say the original is better. I find this movie very intense.  The psychology of the movie is what draws me in. How even though people are so quick to jump off their seat and scream we have evolved so much and came so far. This movie might just prove to rethink that idea. The concept of what will people do at extreme measures. How much of their religion will stick with them. And wheres the beast that lives inside?  Check this one out <--
View the trailer to "The Experiment" here


  1. I haven't seen The Experiment...but I did like Where the Wild Things Are!

  2. defenitly gonna watch this