Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halo Reach!

Alright! Lets move away from depressing stuff. Because really who wants to hear about that? I had mentioned last night about beating Halo Reach. So I believe I should do a review on it. Take in mind this is a Campaign only review. I've played the multilayer and to be honest its good enough to deserve its own review. 

Meet your new team Spartan. This is Noble Six. A group of Spartans which you are now apart of. The Convenient have invaded the planet Reach. And its your job to try and stop them.

The Campaign is short. But its so very sweet. And if you care anything about the Halo Story. You will enjoy this. Its a great opening to a great series.

One thing you will notice from the start. You are not indestructible. Its best you work with your fellow team mates. Jumping into the middle of a large crowd of grunts just might spell your death. Though Bungie still has made Halo Reach the same ol' run and gun arcade shooter we Halo players are accustomed to. 

A big change in Halo Reach is of course something you may have all heard about. Which is Armor Abilities. These are basically the same items you picked up off the ground in Halo 3. But these are a permanent armor abilities. So you can use these over and over and only (with a small cool down) Until you pick another one up that is laying on the ground.  Each will aid you in your fights amongst the ruthless enemies encountered in Reach.

  • Sprint
  • Drop Shield
  • Active Camo
  • Jet-pack
  • Evade
  • Armor lock
  • Hologram
Each of these have their pros but also have cons. For example when you sprint you can't fire your weapon. Or when you jet-pack around you are an open target.

Enemy AI is great. It feels like they know what is going on. They will translate to you. They will find you and they will kill you. And laugh about it as they hit hard. Your teams members though. God help them. They can not drive a vehicle for the world. I was drove off the side of a cliff at least 4 times before I said never again. Just drive yourself it will work faster.

Not much to say because the basis is its Halo. Not much has changed. The environments are beautiful. The campaign has you wanting more. Its a great game and Halo players and Non Halo Players Alike should enjoy this stunning beginning.



  1. I'm an avid reader of yours so I'd appreciate it if you headed over to my blog and voted in my poll and stuff =)

  2. Nice halo blog man. My girlfriends brother bought this game recently, so I've been playing the hell out of it.

  3. AI driving is rarely a good idea. I swear, it's like no matter how GOOD the AI is in the game for enemies, your allies will invariably be stooges.

  4. I know this isn't the appropiate post to reply to, but I've read your past entries, and they're very interesting.
    May I suggest you write more of those kind that you consider "uninteresting"?

  5. I would like to buy it,but i'm not so sure..I feel it's an updated halo 3 :S